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Latest Features Released in the New Update in Roblox

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The massive online gaming platform Roblox has received a new update to make gaming on the platform much more engaging and fun. The new update in Roblox has brought tons of new features like layered clothing, realistic avatar, etc.

First, let us briefly introduce the Roblox platform, and then we’ll discuss the latest features released in the new update in Roblox about Skins. So, buckle up Roblox fandom, and let’s dive into the world of the king of all games’ Roblox.’

Why Should You Play Roblox?

Roblox is the fastest-growing gaming platform with a considerably huge fanbase. It has more than 100 million active users monthly. Roblox has proven to be the ultimate gaming platform that allows its users to create and play games.

So, why should you play Roblox? Here are some reasons that might make you play games on this incredible platform. 

Safe Environment: Roblox provides its users with a very friendly platform to play games. Especially for children under 18 who can play games on Roblox without worrying about child predators.

Roblox instantly bans any user who violates the community guidelines of the platform. So, it’s safe to say that Roblox is a platform where you can let your child play games without worrying about their safety.

 Games: Roblox allows its users to play fun and unique games from its vast list. Different companies and users develop these games. Some games are so well developed that they surpass some well-known ones in popularity.

If you like horror games, check out “DOORS,” available on Roblox. DOORS has recently launched its new update in Roblox, so don’t delay any further cause this game packs a punch.

 Updates: Roblox launches new updates regularly, bringing new features. Recently, Roblox launched layered clothing and a realistic avatar feature, which we’ll discuss in detail.

So, this new update in Roblox is another reason you play games on this platform. 

 Create Your Own Game: Yes! You heard that right. You can create your games using the Roblox Studios app. Creating your own game is very easy with the help of Roblox Studio because it uses a very easy-to-learn programming language called ‘Lua.’

Once you create your game on Roblox Studio, you can upload it on the official Roblox platform, but it’ll require you to buy Robux. Robux is the in-game currency of the platform, and they’re bought with real money.

Developing games on Roblox might influence your child to develop an interest in pursuing a career in computer programming.

 Create Avatar: Users can create custom avatars using the same Roblox Studio. An avatar is a character that represents you in the game, so if it’s representing you, then you probably want it to look as you desire.

Roblox allows its users to create their avatars and outfits for the avatar. Not many games have that feature.

What Are the Latest Features in the New Update in Roblox?


The company has launched a new update in Roblox, adding features like layered clothing and realistic avatars. So, without further ado, let’s discuss these new features in detail. Shall we?

Roblox (Layered Clothing & Realistic Avatar)

The experimental feature that the developers of Roblox announced in its annual developer conference is finally here in the new update in Roblox. The company announced the launch of new features like layered clothing & realistic avatar on Roblox. 

The wait is finally over, and these features are accessible to every user on Roblox Studio. To access the features go to the Roblox Studio site, log in with your account, and go to the avatar settings. There you’ll find these features.

Now that we know these features are available for every user let’s discuss what these features are. Let’s start!

Layered Clothing

‘Layered Clothing’ is a very cool feature launched in the new update in Roblox. This feature allows users to create outfits for their avatars like never before. You can create layered clothing instead of having printed clothes on your avatar.

With the help of layered clothing, the outfit you create for your avatar will fit perfectly. For example, if you create a shirt, then that shirt will not be printed over your avatar like usual.

Instead, it will be a separate item that can be adjusted according to your avatar’s size to fit it perfectly. It’ll bring a massive change in your avatar’s looks because, before the launch of this feature, the outfits were dull and ugly.

Now that layered clothing is in the new update in Roblox; we don’t have to worry about boring outfits ruining your avatar’s looks anymore. With this feature, we can create fancy outfits and a wardrobe full of beautiful and cool clothing for your avatar.

Realistic Avatar

Along with layered clothing, another feature, ‘Realistic Avatar,’ was announced to be launched during Roblox’s annual developer’s conference. This feature will completely change the Roblox world because it will replace Roblox’s character design.

The blocky character design is so important that it’s one of the main reasons behind Roblox’s popularity. Roblox’s character design has always been a trending meme material.

You’ve probably seen at least one meme where the Roblox blocky character is in place. But now the company has decided to make some changes and experiment with something new and more realistic.

That’s why the company launched the realistic avatar feature on Roblox Studio. If you enable this feature, your blocky character will look a lot less blocky. Your character will look more realistic with human-like facial gestures.

Changes in the Game: A Good Idea or a Bad One?

This change in the game may be a good idea, but it can also be a terrible one. It’s a good idea because such innovation is good for business. And games today have high graphics and stunning visuals with realistic character designs.

So, it’s good to keep up with other games in terms of quality and stuff, and why is it a bad idea? It’s because the previous blocky character design is iconic and something Roblox is known for, right?

People recognize Roblox because of its unique blocky characters, so if the company changes the format out of nowhere, the game will lose its charm for most of its users. Especially its old users who are used to the game’s previous character design.

They may not adapt to that sudden change in character design and might not play the game again. So, that’s why it’s not a good idea. But the company knew that something like this would happen.

They decided not to replace the old character design with the new one; they gave a choice to the users. If a user wants to enable the new feature, they can do so by enabling it from the Roblox Studio, but if they don’t want to, they can just leave it on by default.

So, that’s it, Roblox addicts. We’ve discussed the latest features in the new update in Roblox, there are some other minor features like more stickers, text, etc., but the layered clothing and realistic avatar are the current hot topics.


The popular and massive gaming platform ‘Roblox’ has introduced some new features in its update. The new update in Roblox features layered clothing & realistic avatar; Roblox fans are going crazy over these features.

This will change how fashion lovers and adventurers seek to make their avatars look even more realistic, and we can get past those boxed figurines soon.

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